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Just a quick note to let you know that the Kirk Session have approved the opening of the church for “normal” worship from Sunday 2nd. August.  I say “normal” but there will be no evening service until further notice, nor will there be any singing allowed, as per current regulations. It will be good to get back to meeting as a church family once again but, for those who don’t feel comfortable attending, the service will still be available online and through the dedicated ‘phone line. In order to prepare for this, after 28th. July the church will no longer be open from 10 to 12 for private prayer.

It is vital that all feel safe and so the balcony will be closed and the following additional procedures should be followed:

One way system – enter by the main door, exit through the side door remembering to sanitise hands

Face coverings should be worn when entering and leaving and also during hymns in case anyone is tempted to join in.

For trace and protect purposes there will be a card and pen in the chair pouch in front for you to complete with your name and contact details. These will be destroyed after 3 weeks.

Please arrive early and fill the front seats first so that as few people as possible are passing close to others although all seats will be socially distanced and the centre isle will be at least 2 meters away from any seats.

The Lord’s prayer should not be said out loud.

The Session recognise that not all will feel safe and comfortable in a congregational setting. To aid you in making your decision as to whether or not to attend, we have enclosed a copy of 121’s personal risk assessment form and we would encourage you to use that as a guide in making your decision.  For those who do feel comfortable, we look forward to welcoming you back (without a handshake or tea and coffee afterwards!).


Alan Dunn

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Events information:- our three core activities of worship, community and mission will continue in different ways.  It is an opportunity for extraordinary creativity, new possibilities and even outreach.  Please keep an eye on our website - as we face new challenges, we shall be looking for new ways of addressing them!

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