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St Blane’s is a congregation of the Church of Scotland in Dunblane. St Blane’s is a welcoming church where we are bound together in the love of Christ and seek for all ages to respond to Jesus and follow him as disciples.

We are an evangelical church who believe that God lives eternally in three persons, Father Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God created the world and us, he did this in order that we could know Him, worship Him and enjoy Him forever. We are serious about enjoying such a relationship with God and believe this relationship is possible only through His Son Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life.

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We believe that God created the world and us, he did this in order that we could know Him, worship Him and enjoy Him forever. We are serious about enjoying such a relationship with God and believe this relationship is possible only through His Son Jesus Christ who is the way, the truth and the life.

We come to church not because we think we are better than everybody else but just the opposite. We believe that we all need Jesus because human beings fell into sin and that our sin separates from God. Sin makes a relationship with him impossible, that relationship cannot be mended through anything we do.

We believe that Jesus, God’s son, was born so that he could take our sin and therefore open the way again to God. Believers are people who have accepted the free and undeserved gift of grace offered to them by Jesus through his death. A death which takes way our sin and opens the possibility of a relationship with God, a relationship is created and sustained through the work of the Holy Spirit who lives and works in all believers. We believe that is the good news that is the gospel.

We are serious about God’s word, the bible, and seek week by week as we worship to listen to him speaking to us through that word allowing Him to show himself to us and for us to respond to his loving grace with all our lives.

Each Sunday there are two opportunities to worship at 10am & 6.30pm (5pm on the 1st Sunday of the month from Sep to Jun). These are times when the whole church family get together to focus on God, listen to him through his word and respond to him with our lives.

We start and end the morning services together as a church. There are also be some Sundays where we all stay together as a family to worship and learn together. A celebration of Communion takes place on the last Sunday of February, May and October where all members of the church family join together at the Lord’s Table.

Our evening services are made up of blocks of traditional style services as well as blocks of services when we have more informal discussion based times. During the summer we share our evening services jointly with the Free Church in the town. From Sept to Jun on the first Sunday of the month our evening service starts in the hall at 5pm when we eat, worship and learn together. On the third Sunday of the month there is a focus on prayer at our evening service.

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Minister : Gary Caldwell

Session Clerk: Michael Elliot

Treasurer: Michael Yuille

Chair of the Congregational Board: Anthony Bragg

Clerk to the Congregational Board: Steve Basset

Organist and Choirmaster: Michael Nolan





Baptism is a one of the two sacraments of the Church of Scotland. Baptism is not a christening or a naming ceremony. People only become Christians when they consciously ask Jesus into their lives, people are not Christians because they are born in Scotland or because their parents are. The child has already received their name shortly after birth. So what is it?

Well Baptism is a sign which shows two things:

Firstly it's a sign that God gives forgiveness to everyone who turns to Him through Jesus Christ his Son. A Christian is someone who has come into a new relationship with God through faith by believing in and following Jesus (Ephesians 2 v 8-9).

The bible tells us that before we come to God we are separated from him because of our sin. Therefore we need forgiveness through what Jesus has done by dying for our sin in order that the separation is dealt with.

Forgiveness is like being made clean, being washed clean of that sin. So the sprinkled water in baptism symbolises that cleansing that only Jesus can bring to our lives and points to the real forgiveness that comes only through faith in Jesus.

Secondly baptism is also a sign that we are joined with Jesus. A sign for the relationship that he creates with us as we trust in him. A sign that we belong to him and to his church. God gave Abraham the sign of circumcision to show that his Son Isaac belongs to God's people (Genesis 17v9-14). Baptism is a sign like that and has always been seen as the first steps into membership of the church (Matthew 28 v 19-20).

The Church of Scotland practices infant baptism (although it is also happy to baptise older children and adults who have not been baptised before). In the case of infants it is the faith of parents that is being declared.

Parents at the baptism take promises or vows to bring the child up in the Christian faith and bring them to church. Parents take these promises looking forward to the day when their child accepts Jesus for themselves and joins His church thereby completing the journey that began on the day they were baptised as an infant.

Because of the connection between baptism and membership, the Church of Scotland requires at least one parent or grandparent of the child to be a member of the church. If none of the parents or grandparents are members of the church but are coming along and are moving towards membership then the Minister will be happy to discuss the baptism going ahead.

We are preparing a leaflet to help you as you consider baptism at St Blane’s. If you'd like more information please get in touch: contact us click here

Baptism at St Blanes.pdf

Blessing of Infants

We celebrate with you the gift of your child. We are also delighted that you see the importance of thanking God and seeking His blessing on your child and your family at this time.

In the church we know from the bible that all children are important to God, Psalm 139 tells us that God sees us and knows us before we are even born as we grow in our Mother’s womb. And in the gospels we see Jesus welcoming little children and blessing them.

Many at this time turn to church. Some come seeking Baptism for their children. Baptism is a sacrament that is closely connected with Church Membership where parents who are members of the church take vows to bring their children up within the church and the Christian faith.

Others feel that although they believe in God they would want their child to make up their own mind about being a member of a church when they are older. Never the less it feels important to take the time to thank God and seek his blessing on their child and their family.

This leaflet gives more details about blessings of infants at S Blane’s: Blessings of Infants at St Blanes.pdf

If you want to talk to the Minister about any of these matters please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Church of Scotland accepts that God created and ordained marriage for the good of his people. So marriage has been given by God for male and female to enjoy not just a day to remember but very many happy days of married life.

We in St Blane’s are happy to help you to build a good, firm bond between you which will remain strong for many years to come.

Attendance or membership of the church is not a pre-requisite for marriage in the Church of Scotland. It should be noted however that the Church of Scotland has a parish based system. Therefore we in St Blane’s are primarily to minister to people who live in our parish. This means if you want to be married in a Church of Scotland you should approach the minister of nearest Church of Scotland to where you live seeking marriage there in the first instance.

However we recognise that many people who attend St Blane’s do not live in our parish. We also recognise that people might want to be married in our beautiful building who likewise do not reside in our parish. In those instances we would require a pastoral relationship with you in some form or other probably involving attending our church for a while before your wedding.

To enquire about getting married in our church please contact the Minister directly. To help you in your planning we have prepared a leaflet with helpful information about getting married in St Blane’s:

Getting Married in St Blane’s.PDF


Joining the Church is about two things:


1 following, trusting and loving God and Jesus; and

2 taking part in the things the Church does.

The most important part is the first part. It’s important to come to faith in God, through Jesus. It’s important to trust in Jesus and to be aware of the forgiving, making new and help he gives to people who trust him.

God wants people to love him and to follow his ways for living. God wants people to know that he loves them, that he forgives them, that he makes them new and that he gives them hope for life and good reasons to live for him.

The second part also matters. God wants people to get together and to work together not only to help their own faith, but to make a difference in the world. For all its faults, the Church is about making that difference in God’s name.

Therefore joining the Church is first of all about faith. Then it’s about the organisation. But it is all about God, and about our response of love to a God who loved us first.

There are 2 ways in which you may become a member of St Blane’s:

If you are already a member of the Christian Church and wish to affiliate yourself to our congregation, then please speak to the Session Clerk, Mr Michael Elliot or the Minister for further advice.

If you are not a member of any Church then please speak to the Minister and he will arrange a mutually suitable time to chat to you about membership, what it involves and how to become a member of the family.

This leaflet will give you more information:

Church Membership Leaflet.PDF


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